Showcase Standouts

There was a ton of talent in the building for the 2023 Get Buckets Individual Rank-Up Showcase. Below are a few of the players who really stood out above and beyond their peers. Keep an eye out for them as they navigate their journeys. 

Noah Labrador 2031

Labrador’s game is light years ahead of his age. He is a polished floor general who sees the floor better than some adults. He has a great handle very shifty and sets up defenders with a nasty speed stop to create space to change direction. He understands angles. His decision making is outstanding, and the little guard isn’t afraid to try and play defense. For his age he has good range, a descent jumper, and a good layup package.

Noah Sharp 2032

Sharp is a high IQ kid. He ultimately will get most of his work on the perimeter. But right now, he has the size to beat you inside and out. He understands how to get to his spots. He finishes well around the rim and takes high percentage shots from the field. He consistently makes the correct reads, and he is a willing passer. He is great on the ball but also moves well off the ball. He plays both sides of the ball under control but with great activity.

Bryan “Trey” Sumner 2031

Sumner has a no back down mentality and is a competitor. He is a quiet assassin on the court. The young man was a standout in defensive drills. He has active hands and gets a lot of deflections. Even if he gets beaten on the initial move he recovers extremely well.  In games, offensively he willingly uses both hands around the rim.  He runs his lanes well in transition, and he relocates to open space well to get open looks. He has the potential to be a legitimate 2-way.

Cassius King 2031

King is high energy. His motor is outstanding he plays every possession like it will win or loose the game. His ultimate goal is to make winning plays. King finds a way to find the ball. Loose balls, long rebounds, and jump balls he is going to win those battles. King can score in bunches. He has a good-looking jump shot and can be dynamic in transition. King reads and reacts well when cutting off the ball. If he gets the ball when slashing, he will give up his body to get to the rim or draw fouls.

Matthew Clark 2031

Clark was probably the most athletic kid in his division. He’s fast in general, has a quick first step, that looks even quicker out of his jab series. He has great balance and agility. Clark plays the game with a lot of passion and a chip on his shoulder. He is a crafty finisher using a variety of scoop finishes and playing with English and angles off the back board. He can shoot a little bit to but understand he really doesn’t have to because it is hard for just one man to stop him from getting to the rim.  

Additional players will be posted check back soon!