2023 Get Buckets Showcase Rankings

With so much talent on hand at this years Showcase each class has been ranked with the players who attended the event. Note: Only a certain number of players where ranked for each class not all those in attendance. Our Full Player Rankings will drop prior to the start of the high school season and then again prior to the begining of the Travel Season. 

Showcase Rank First Name Last Name Position Height School Grassroots Team (AAU Club)
CLASS 2032
1 Noah Sharp Combo Guard 4'10" Waterset Charter School FL. Rebels 2032
2 Matthew Clark Point Guard 4'8" Franklin Academy Hoop Dynasty
3 Derrick Florence Point Guard 4'4" Stephen Foster Elementary Outeast Gainesville Kings
4 Kayden Benitez Point Guard   Sexton elementary Hard2guard
5 Michael Moran Point Guard 4'6" Gorrie Elementary TNBA
CLASS 2031
1 Lyfe Wroten Combo Guard 4'10"    
2 Jah'zir Mitchell Point Guard 4'9"    
3 Christian Callier Combo Guard 5'3"    
4 Zaharie Williams Power Forward 5'1" The first Academy (orlando) Team Fly
5 Konnor  Murray Combo Guard   Watergrass Elem  RADD Elite
6 Bryan “Trey” Sumner Combo Guard 4'8" Independence Academy Heavenly Hoopers
7 Cassius King Combo Guard      
8 Ian Jean-Louis Center      
9 Noah Labrador Point Guard 4'1" OCP Hoop Dynasty
10 Tristan Whritenour Shooting Guard 5'0"   Handlelife
11 Labrahn Telfare Point Guard 4'7" Collins Elementry Skill Center Elite
12 Zach Berkley Combo Guard 5'0"    
13 Jacob Edwards Combo Guard 4'6"   Bloomingdale Bulls
14 Jonah Thomas Combo Guard      
15 Elijah Anderson   5'2"    
16 (tie) Anthony Mcfarland Point Guard      
16 (tie) Easton Koop Combo Guard 4'11"   XPC Elite
CLASS 2030
1 Brendan Brown Point Guard   Independence Academy Heavenly Hoopers
2 Josh Clark Point Guard 5'4" Franklin Academy Hoop Dynasty
3 Charles Minton Combo Guard 5'4 Oasis Middle School Future Fuego
4 Aran Chacon Combo Guard     Bloomingdale Bulls
5 Jasiah Castillo   5'1"    
6 Jonah Edwards Shooting Guard     Bloomingdale Bulls
7 John Thomas Small Forward     Hoop Dynasty
9 Carter Morgan Point Guard 5'3"   Bloomingdale Bulls
10 Kennsington Kafle Point Guard 4'6" Oakridge middle school Force Girls Basketball
CLASS 2029
1 Aj Pennywell Combo Guard   Raa Middle School Tallahassee Elite Nets
2 Joshua Brady Point Guard 5'1" Academy Prep Skill Center
3 Aiden Haugabrook Combo Guard 5'5 Academy Prep Tampa/ Sligh Middle Magnet SCE 2029 UA
4 Elijah Lewis-Thompson Power Forward 6'0"   FLY
5 Cadyen Fiallo Small Forward   NORTH FLORIDA CHRISTIAN  
6 Brady Western Point Guard 5'1" East Lake Middle School Suncoast Swish
7 Mykhael Morris-Brown Jr Power Forward   Williston middle high school Team fly FLA 2029
8 Cedric Jackson, Jr Shooting Guard 5'2" Fox Chapel Middle Bay Area Elite
9 Aden Gambino Small Forward 5'3" Starkey Ranch Trinity Elite
10 Khloe Rodgers Point Guard   Somerset College Preparatory Academy  
11 Kian Santos Point Guard   Thomas E Weightman Next Era
12 Kayveon Norton Shooting Guard   Navigator Academy Heavenly Hoopers
13 Chase Wilson Small Forward   Collins Elementary Tampa Bay Kings
14 Major Pointer        
15 Hill Treadwell Shooting Guard 5'6" Dr. John Long MS RADD Elite
CLASS 2028
1 Justin Hector Combo Guard   Wellington Landing Middle School Hoop Dynasty
2 Antrell Johnson Point Guard 5'6 Florida College Academy More than a Game
3 Jakhai Ford Point Forward   Brabas kitchen IREN RAINEY
4 Jaiden Martin Combo Guard   Slam Apollo Skills Center Elite
5 (Tie) Michael Sams III Point Guard 5'2" Jewett Middle Academy Iren Rainey Premier 2028
5 (Tie) Treston Jones Combo Guard 5'9" Williston Middle High School Team FLY Florida
6 Stephen Morrison Small Forward 5'11 Pine View MS Liberty Edge
7 Elijah Wimley Point Guard 5'8 North Tampa Christian Academy Florida Xpress
8 Jayden McCants-Thomas Combo Guard 5'11    
9 Josiah Reid Small Forward 5'9 Randall Middle School XPC Elite
10 Trajan Henson Combo Guard 5'9 Barrington Middle School Lithia Select 2028
11 Selim Mikhail Small Forward 6'2 Starkey ranch k-8 Pro skills basketball
12 Tomi Akingboye Point Forward   Rogers Middle School XPC Elite
13 Jacobi Davis Small Forward   Buffalo Creek FFB
14 Barack Sneed Combo Guard 5'8 Augusta Raw Middle School Xtreme Pressure
15 Grant  Ranglin Shooting Guard 5'5" Woodlands Middle  
15 Amahj Malphus Point Guard 5'8 Rampello K-8  
16 Keyan Berkley Combo Guard 5'4"    
17 Jayson Gradea Shooting Guard 5'4"    
18 (Tie) Zaivier Colon   5'7    
18 (Tie) Xzavier Payne Power Forward 5'11" Burns Middle School  
19 Jodanis Avilus Jr Combo Guard 5'5" FSUS Tallahassee Thunder
20 Elijah Ventura Combo Guard 5'0 Farnell Middle School  
21 Nicolas Pappolla Point Guard 5'9 Florida Virtual School Court Crusaders
22 Sammy Heyterich Combo Guard 4'10" Tyrone middle Gforce
23 Michael Rothermel Shooting Guard 5'7 North Naples  Middle School 4TL
24 (Tie) Christian “Cee” Smith Power Forward   Lincoln Middle School Rebel
24 (Tie) Ervaughn Davis Small Forward   Westwood Gainesville kings
25 Graham Baker Shooting Guard 5'9 Wilson Middle School SCE 2028 Baker
26 Manny Cruzado Combo Guard 5'5" Barrington Middle School Tampa Bay Kings
27 John Costa Point Guard 5'4 Osceola Middle School Hard2Guard
28 Micah Tilghman Power Forward 6'0" Booker middle Yessir elite
29 Cali Midyett Center 6'0 Benito Middle School Next Era Basketball
30 Scott Jester Point Guard 5'1" Starkey Ranch K-8  
CLASS 2027
1 Jeremiah Brown Combo Guard 5'10" Sunlake Bay Area Elite Circuit
2 Jobens Blanchard Point Guard   Boca high Hoop dynasty
3 Tysen Jefferson Combo Guard 5'9" Wharton NextEraBasketball
4 kyroe jordan Point Guard 5'3" Hawthorne middle high school Gainesville kings
5 John Stokes III Small Forward 6'2" Lake Nona High School Bay Area Elite Circuit
6 (Tie) Juan Colon Point Guard 5'5" Slam Skills center
6 (Tie) Gavin Henderson Point Guard 5'10 Lakewood Ranch Prep Wave
7 JJ  Jacques Point Forward   Atlantic Christian Academy  Hoop dynasty
8 Jake  Oster Small Forward 5'9" Mitchell  Bay Area Elite Circuit
9 Michael Muscarella Combo Guard   atlantic christian academy Hoop dynasty
10 Guyrson Maddy Point Guard   Dr. Joaquín García High School Hoop Dynasty
11 Tristan Pasch Point Forward 6'3" Parrish Community HS Wave
12 Aydin Noorani Point Guard 5'9" Carrollwood Day School Outsiders
13 Devion Johnson Small Forward 5'11" Pk young Gainesville kings
14 Jeremiah Joseph Point Forward   Jordan Christian prep Kissimmee all stars
15 (Tie) Elijah Reed Point Forward 5'9 Southfield A&T ITK Elite
15 (Tie) Chris’tian Griffin Point Guard   Godby High School Team Loaded
CLASS 2026
1 Justice Phillips Small Forward 6'3" Bronson Middle High School OutEast Gainesville Kings
2 Gregory Samuels Point Guard 5'8" Gulf High Team Coop
3 Cooper Peat Small Forward 5'11" Wesley Chapel High School Next Era Basketball
4 Charles Davis Jr Combo Guard 5'5" Tampa Preparatory School Team Coop
5 Andre Willis Point Guard 5'9" East Lake High School Team Ty Select
6 Nuri Hakim Point Guard 6'1" Armwood Highschool Pro skills basketball (PSB)
7 Elijah Davila Combo Guard 5'8" Nature Coast Tech Bayarea Elite
8 Izaiah Lewis-Thompson Power Forward 6'5"    
9 Tavion Cousin Point Forward 5'6" Wesley Chapel HS Next Era
10 Artravious Holloway Point Forward 5'9" Columbia High school Lake City Heat
11 Davarian Howard Point Guard 5'7" Buchholz Wildcats
12 Nick Premsukh Point Guard 5'8" Carrollwood Day School TNBA Tampa
13 Anthony Bailey Jr Point Guard 5'2" Columbia High School Gainesville Stampede
14 Kevin Cote Shooting Guard 5'10 Anclote high school  
15 Craig Thomas jr Power Forward 6'4" Gainesville high school Gainesville wildcats
16 Tae Williams Point Guard 5'4" Eastside Highschool  
17 (tie) Isaiah Allen Point Guard 6'0" Lakewood Ranch Pirates
17 (tie) Justin James Shooting Guard 5'7" Wiregrass Ranch high-school District Elite
18 Micah Marbra Small Forward 5'9" Tabb High School  
19 Kalel Martinez Combo Guard 5'10" Tampa Preparatory School TNBA Tampa
20 Nicholas Ramotar Power Forward 5'8" Wiregrass Ranch high school  
CLASS 2025
1 Lavar Duncan Combo Guard 5'10"   Tampa Bay Kings
2 Axel Acevedo Power Forward 6'3" Mckeel Academy Rising Stars Fl.
3 Kenyon Boswell Point Guard 5'10" Largo High School Largo Seminoles
4 Christian Kendrick Small Forward 6'1" Sumner Tampa Bay Kings
5 Beau Suarez Point Guard 5'6" Redeemer Christian Marion Heat
CLASS 2024
1 Micah Sanders Power Forward 6'4" Foundation Christian academy Prospects
2 Emmanuel Davis Power Forward 6'1" Saitech Team 7
3 O’neil Mason Combo Guard 6'2" Faith Christian Academy  
4 Deon Young III Shooting Guard      
5 Isaiah Jeannite Point Guard 5'5"