Team Anger Management

Event - Impress Me Basketball Fall Shootout Sept 12

Head Coach - Clayton Smith

Team Anger Management has a roster that is top-heavy with talent. They showcase that talent by turning defense into offense. They run a lot of high traps on defense to force a turnover and get out on the break. 

Anthony Martinez # 1 Class 2023 Sickles High School -- He played well on both ends. Martinez plays with a pose. He never looks like he is out of control but he is always hustling. He was a pest on defense causing havoc trapping. He was incredible on offense. His shot selection was great and he caught a few people off guard with his finishing at the rim. 

Isaiah Foreman #21 Class 2022 -- Defensively he left some things to be desired. He gambled on help side repeatedly and if his gamble was unsuccessful he never really got back into the play. However offensively he was magnificent. He took the defense to task with step back Three after step back Three. Foreman is quick and under control and defensively you have to respect his ability to drive and score as well as drive and dish. He was a great primary ball-handler and made great decisions. He had a few turnovers but they were aggressive and well-intended. 

Donte Crews #23 Class 2023 SLAM High School -- This man was a menace who tried to dunk anytime he received the ball inside the Three-point line. He is athletic he is strong and he knows it. He showed he also has a decent shot if he can not get to the rim.