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Sunday Public Gallery View - 3sixty Entertainment, LLC (phtbth-upload.com)


With so much talent on hand at this years Showcase each class has been ranked with the players who attended the event. Note: Only a certain number of players where ranked for each class not all those in attendance. Our Full Player Rankings will drop prior to the start of the high school season and then again prior to the begining of the Travel Season. 

Showcase Rank First Name Last Name Position Height School Grassroots Team (AAU Club)
CLASS 2032
1 Noah Sharp Combo Guard 4'10" Waterset Charter School FL. Rebels 2032
2 Matthew Clark Point Guard 4'8" Franklin Academy Hoop Dynasty
3 Derrick Florence Point Guard 4'4" Stephen Foster Elementary Outeast Gainesville Kings
4 Kayden Benitez Point Guard   Sexton elementary Hard2guard
5 Michael Moran Point Guard 4'6" Gorrie Elementary TNBA
CLASS 2031
1 Lyfe Wroten Combo Guard 4'10"    
2 Jah'zir Mitchell Point Guard 4'9"    
3 Christian Callier Combo Guard 5'3"    
4 Zaharie Williams Power Forward 5'1" The first Academy (orlando) Team Fly
5 Konnor  Murray Combo Guard   Watergrass Elem  RADD Elite
6 Bryan “Trey” Sumner Combo Guard 4'8" Independence Academy Heavenly Hoopers
7 Cassius King Combo Guard      
8 Ian Jean-Louis Center      
9 Noah Labrador Point Guard 4'1" OCP Hoop Dynasty
10 Tristan Whritenour Shooting Guard 5'0"   Handlelife
11 Labrahn Telfare Point Guard 4'7" Collins Elementry Skill Center Elite
12 Zach Berkley Combo Guard 5'0"    
13 Jacob Edwards Combo Guard 4'6"   Bloomingdale Bulls
14 Jonah Thomas Combo Guard      
15 Elijah Anderson   5'2"    
16 (tie) Anthony Mcfarland Point Guard      
16 (tie) Easton Koop Combo Guard 4'11"   XPC Elite
CLASS 2030
1 Brendan Brown Point Guard   Independence Academy Heavenly Hoopers
2 Josh Clark Point Guard 5'4" Franklin Academy Hoop Dynasty
3 Charles Minton Combo Guard 5'4 Oasis Middle School Future Fuego
4 Aran Chacon Combo Guard     Bloomingdale Bulls
5 Jasiah Castillo   5'1"    
6 Jonah Edwards Shooting Guard     Bloomingdale Bulls
7 John Thomas Small Forward     Hoop Dynasty
9 Carter Morgan Point Guard 5'3"   Bloomingdale Bulls
10 Kennsington Kafle Point Guard 4'6" Oakridge middle school Force Girls Basketball
CLASS 2029
1 Aj Pennywell Combo Guard   Raa Middle School Tallahassee Elite Nets
2 Joshua Brady Point Guard 5'1" Academy Prep Skill Center
3 Aiden Haugabrook Combo Guard 5'5 Academy Prep Tampa/ Sligh Middle Magnet SCE 2029 UA
4 Elijah Lewis-Thompson Power Forward 6'0"   FLY
5 Cadyen Fiallo Small Forward   NORTH FLORIDA CHRISTIAN  
6 Brady Western Point Guard 5'1" East Lake Middle School Suncoast Swish
7 Mykhael Morris-Brown Jr Power Forward   Williston middle high school Team fly FLA 2029
8 Cedric Jackson, Jr Shooting Guard 5'2" Fox Chapel Middle Bay Area Elite
9 Aden Gambino Small Forward 5'3" Starkey Ranch Trinity Elite
10 Khloe Rodgers Point Guard   Somerset College Preparatory Academy  
11 Kian Santos Point Guard   Thomas E Weightman Next Era
12 Kayveon Norton Shooting Guard   Navigator Academy Heavenly Hoopers
13 Chase Wilson Small Forward   Collins Elementary Tampa Bay Kings
14 Major Pointer        
15 Hill Treadwell Shooting Guard 5'6" Dr. John Long MS RADD Elite
CLASS 2028
1 Justin Hector Combo Guard   Wellington Landing Middle School Hoop Dynasty
2 Antrell Johnson Point Guard 5'6 Florida College Academy More than a Game
3 Jakhai Ford Point Forward   Brabas kitchen IREN RAINEY
4 Jaiden Martin Combo Guard   Slam Apollo Skills Center Elite
5 (Tie) Michael Sams III Point Guard 5'2" Jewett Middle Academy Iren Rainey Premier 2028
5 (Tie) Treston Jones Combo Guard 5'9" Williston Middle High School Team FLY Florida
6 Stephen Morrison Small Forward 5'11 Pine View MS Liberty Edge
7 Elijah Wimley Point Guard 5'8 North Tampa Christian Academy Florida Xpress
8 Jayden McCants-Thomas Combo Guard 5'11    
9 Josiah Reid Small Forward 5'9 Randall Middle School XPC Elite
10 Trajan Henson Combo Guard 5'9 Barrington Middle School Lithia Select 2028
11 Selim Mikhail Small Forward 6'2 Starkey ranch k-8 Pro skills basketball
12 Tomi Akingboye Point Forward   Rogers Middle School XPC Elite
13 Jacobi Davis Small Forward   Buffalo Creek FFB
14 Barack Sneed Combo Guard 5'8 Augusta Raw Middle School Xtreme Pressure
15 Grant  Ranglin Shooting Guard 5'5" Woodlands Middle  
15 Amahj Malphus Point Guard 5'8 Rampello K-8  
16 Keyan Berkley Combo Guard 5'4"    
17 Jayson Gradea Shooting Guard 5'4"    
18 (Tie) Zaivier Colon   5'7    
18 (Tie) Xzavier Payne Power Forward 5'11" Burns Middle School  
19 Jodanis Avilus Jr Combo Guard 5'5" FSUS Tallahassee Thunder
20 Elijah Ventura Combo Guard 5'0 Farnell Middle School  
21 Nicolas Pappolla Point Guard 5'9 Florida Virtual School Court Crusaders
22 Sammy Heyterich Combo Guard 4'10" Tyrone middle Gforce
23 Michael Rothermel Shooting Guard 5'7 North Naples  Middle School 4TL
24 (Tie) Christian “Cee” Smith Power Forward   Lincoln Middle School Rebel
24 (Tie) Ervaughn Davis Small Forward   Westwood Gainesville kings
25 Graham Baker Shooting Guard 5'9 Wilson Middle School SCE 2028 Baker
26 Manny Cruzado Combo Guard 5'5" Barrington Middle School Tampa Bay Kings
27 John Costa Point Guard 5'4 Osceola Middle School Hard2Guard
28 Micah Tilghman Power Forward 6'0" Booker middle Yessir elite
29 Cali Midyett Center 6'0 Benito Middle School Next Era Basketball
30 Scott Jester Point Guard 5'1" Starkey Ranch K-8  
CLASS 2027
1 Jeremiah Brown Combo Guard 5'10" Sunlake Bay Area Elite Circuit
2 Jobens Blanchard Point Guard   Boca high Hoop dynasty
3 Tysen Jefferson Combo Guard 5'9" Wharton NextEraBasketball
4 kyroe jordan Point Guard 5'3" Hawthorne middle high school Gainesville kings
5 John Stokes III Small Forward 6'2" Lake Nona High School Bay Area Elite Circuit
6 (Tie) Juan Colon Point Guard 5'5" Slam Skills center
6 (Tie) Gavin Henderson Point Guard 5'10 Lakewood Ranch Prep Wave
7 JJ  Jacques Point Forward   Atlantic Christian Academy  Hoop dynasty
8 Jake  Oster Small Forward 5'9" Mitchell  Bay Area Elite Circuit
9 Michael Muscarella Combo Guard   atlantic christian academy Hoop dynasty
10 Guyrson Maddy Point Guard   Dr. Joaquín García High School Hoop Dynasty
11 Tristan Pasch Point Forward 6'3" Parrish Community HS Wave
12 Aydin Noorani Point Guard 5'9" Carrollwood Day School Outsiders
13 Devion Johnson Small Forward 5'11" Pk young Gainesville kings
14 Jeremiah Joseph Point Forward   Jordan Christian prep Kissimmee all stars
15 (Tie) Elijah Reed Point Forward 5'9 Southfield A&T ITK Elite
15 (Tie) Chris’tian Griffin Point Guard   Godby High School Team Loaded
CLASS 2026
1 Justice Phillips Small Forward 6'3" Bronson Middle High School OutEast Gainesville Kings
2 Gregory Samuels Point Guard 5'8" Gulf High Team Coop
3 Cooper Peat Small Forward 5'11" Wesley Chapel High School Next Era Basketball
4 Charles Davis Jr Combo Guard 5'5" Tampa Preparatory School Team Coop
5 Andre Willis Point Guard 5'9" East Lake High School Team Ty Select
6 Nuri Hakim Point Guard 6'1" Armwood Highschool Pro skills basketball (PSB)
7 Elijah Davila Combo Guard 5'8" Nature Coast Tech Bayarea Elite
8 Izaiah Lewis-Thompson Power Forward 6'5"    
9 Tavion Cousin Point Forward 5'6" Wesley Chapel HS Next Era
10 Artravious Holloway Point Forward 5'9" Columbia High school Lake City Heat
11 Davarian Howard Point Guard 5'7" Buchholz Wildcats
12 Nick Premsukh Point Guard 5'8" Carrollwood Day School TNBA Tampa
13 Anthony Bailey Jr Point Guard 5'2" Columbia High School Gainesville Stampede
14 Kevin Cote Shooting Guard 5'10 Anclote high school  
15 Craig Thomas jr Power Forward 6'4" Gainesville high school Gainesville wildcats
16 Tae Williams Point Guard 5'4" Eastside Highschool  
17 (tie) Isaiah Allen Point Guard 6'0" Lakewood Ranch Pirates
17 (tie) Justin James Shooting Guard 5'7" Wiregrass Ranch high-school District Elite
18 Micah Marbra Small Forward 5'9" Tabb High School  
19 Kalel Martinez Combo Guard 5'10" Tampa Preparatory School TNBA Tampa
20 Nicholas Ramotar Power Forward 5'8" Wiregrass Ranch high school  
CLASS 2025
1 Lavar Duncan Combo Guard 5'10"   Tampa Bay Kings
2 Axel Acevedo Power Forward 6'3" Mckeel Academy Rising Stars Fl.
3 Kenyon Boswell Point Guard 5'10" Largo High School Largo Seminoles
4 Christian Kendrick Small Forward 6'1" Sumner Tampa Bay Kings
5 Beau Suarez Point Guard 5'6" Redeemer Christian Marion Heat
CLASS 2024
1 Micah Sanders Power Forward 6'4" Foundation Christian academy Prospects
2 Emmanuel Davis Power Forward 6'1" Saitech Team 7
3 O’neil Mason Combo Guard 6'2" Faith Christian Academy  
4 Deon Young III Shooting Guard      
5 Isaiah Jeannite Point Guard 5'5"    



There was a ton of talent in the building for the 2023 Get Buckets Individual Rank-Up Showcase. Below are a few of the players who really stood out above and beyond their peers. Keep an eye out for them as they navigate their journeys. 

Noah Labrador 2031Labrador’s game is light years ahead of his age. He is a polished floor general who sees the floor better than some adults. He has a great handle very shifty and sets up defenders with a nasty speed stop to create space to change direction. He understands angles. His decision-making is outstanding, and the little guard isn’t afraid to try and play defense. For his age, he has good range, a descent jumper, and a good layup package.

Noah Sharp 2032Sharp is a high-IQ kid. He ultimately will get most of his work on the perimeter. But right now, he has the size to beat you inside and out. He understands how to get to his spots. He finishes well around the rim and takes high-percentage shots from the field. He consistently makes the correct reads, and he is a willing passer. He is great on the ball but also moves well off the ball. He plays both sides of the ball under control but with great activity.

Bryan “Trey” Sumner 2031Sumner has a no-backdown mentality and is a competitor. He is a quiet assassin on the court. The young man was a standout in defensive drills. He has active hands and gets a lot of deflections. Even if he gets beaten on the initial move he recovers extremely well. In games, offensively he willingly uses both hands around the rim. He runs his lanes well in transition, and he relocates to open space well to get open looks. He has the potential to be a legitimate 2-way.

Cassius King 2031King is high energy. His motor is outstanding he plays every possession like it will win or lose the game. His ultimate goal is to make winning plays. King finds a way to find the ball. With loose balls, long rebounds, and jump balls he is going to win those battles. King can score in bunches. He has a good-looking jump shot and can be dynamic in transition. King reads and reacts well when cutting off the ball. If he gets the ball when slashing, he will give up his body to get to the rim or draw fouls.

Matthew Clark 2031Clark was probably the most athletic kid in his division. He’s fast in general and has a quick first step, that looks even quicker out of his jab series. He has great balance and agility. Clark plays the game with a lot of passion and a chip on his shoulder. He is a crafty finisher using a variety of scoop finishes and playing with English and angles off the backboard. He can shoot a little bit too but understand he really doesn’t have to because it is hard for just one man to stop him from getting to the rim.

Antwan Pennywell Jr 2029Pennywell is a flat-out bucket. He scored easily at all 3-levels all weekend long. He has outstanding body control. He has a strong frame and good athleticism. He doesn’t really waste motion or dribble. He has good footwork and routinely plays off two feet. He can play bully ball but also can shoot if you sag off or attempt to pack the pant. He is a solid on ball defensive player. He can defend the rim with big blocks Pennywell has good size and right now is looking like one of the top prospects in his class.

Joshua Brady 2029Brady is a show you just can’t help but stop and watch when he is on the floor. He plays with an extreme amount of confidence. He is a score-first lead guard, who can penetrate at will. He is a shifty ball handler that has the ball on a string. Brady’s drop cross is pretty much ungradable. He is a good three-point shooter for his age, and he has deep range, which makes it even harder for his peers to keep him off the scoreboard. He gets active defensively. He understands when to go trap or double to create easy turnovers and run out opportunities in transition.

Elijah Lewis-Thompson 2029A young big man with a lot of upsides. Most of his games is predicated around the glass. He gets plenty of defensive rebounds and finds his guards for the outlet. He runs block to block every possession looking for easy cuts. He never pouts if his guards miss him on easy looks. He is content with finding his on-scoring opportunities. Offensively he understands that he needs to hunt offensive rebounds to get easy putbacks and he dives hard to front of the rim every chance he gets from the short corner. His shot is still a work in progress, but he is willing to take the open ones 15 feet and in, to keep the defense honest.

Brendan Brown 2030Brown showed grit and displayed a ton of heart all weekend long. The kid competes hard every single play. He loves the hang and hit layups and is a savant at making difficult shots around the rim. He plays much bigger than he is. He will pick up anyone full court. He likes the big moments and never shy’s away from the ball when his team needs him the most. Brown also looks to keep his teammates engaged. He is one of the few kids who tried all weekend to get the ball to guys that were open even when other teammates routinely looked them off.

End Part 1

Jaiden Martin 2028Martin is a solid combo guard. He is highly capable of running your offense as a traditional PG, but he's also a scoring machine if you give him the keys and let him cook. He can score on all 3- levels and even though he is fast he never looks rushed. His jump shot is polished his layup package is solid. Martin has great court awareness for his age and sees plays on both sides of the ball before they develop. We look for him to solidify himself as one of the top guards in his class.

Cayden Fiallo 2029Fiallo is a new-age forward. A kid who can do multiple things very well. He can rebound. He can facilitate. He can score. He has a big body and he's hard to move off his spots. He makes good passes out of high-low action. He can stretch his offense out to the 3-point line, to take and make open jumpers. However, sometimes it is just for spacing purposes to use pump fakes, so he can do what he really wants to, which is getting a head of steam to drive to the paint.

Brady Western 2029Western stood out all weekend because he just went out every game and every drill to play the game the right way. He passed the ball early to teammates when they were open. He hustled on both ends looking to keep himself locked into the game. He moved his feet on defense. He took on the challenge of guarding other high-level players consistently. He made all of his easy looks. He took good shots and allowed the games to come to him. he showed he can fill the stat sheet and impact winning with smart play every possession.

Michael Sams III 2028Sams is a Playmaking point guard that will run your offense. He defends at a high level. Even though he really stands out defensively, he can keep the defense honest and knock down open jump shots. He's smart he takes advantage of defenders in bad positions to attack the paint. He values the ball and is a low-turnover guy. If you sprint or cut hard he'll find you. As his offense game continues to catch up with his defense look for him to make a push into one of the best Point Guards in his class.

Jakhai Ford 2028Ford was unstoppable all weekend long. He is a facilitating power forward who always has a mismatch. More importantly, he is very aware of how he can take advantage of it. Ford's size and body type is the first thing you notice. However, if you watch him for just a few minutes you notice how great his footwork is. He has no wasted motion, which allows him to play with a lot of fluidity in his game. Here's what he does exceptionally well: track the ball in flight, gets positioned early, rebounds both sides, sees the floor with outlet passes, great break starter, shoots in and around the high post, and uses his body to his advantage. If Ford isn't in your rankings yet it's simply because you haven't seen him.

Aron Chacon 2030Chacon is a handful for his opponents. He is making a living right now being bigger stronger and faster than most of his peers. He does the majority of his damage at the rim, He is incredibly difficult to keep off the offensive glass. He will take his fair share of shots 12 feet and in. He uses his teammates well. he is well-conditioned and plays with a high motor. As he continues to develop and work on his skill set Chacon is going to be a big problem for a lot of opposing teams.

Khloe Rodgers 2029Rodgers made quite the impression. She took good-quality shots. She played defense picking up her man early, showing off her pickpocket skills leading to easy layups. She passed to open teammates consistently and was content with getting assists. She spaces the floor well and never became stagnant. Rodgers is a competitor, and she didn't back down from any challenges. Certainly, a player to continue to look out for.

Selim Mikhail 2028Mikhail has a slender frame with good size and decent athleticism. The potential for what he could be will make you stop and give him a look. But once you see him play you see he is already starting to scratch the surface of that potential. Mikhail wants to shoot but he also wants to play above the rim. He wants to defend at the rim, and he wants to pick his matchup up early before they can bully him on the block. Mikhail is also a good teammate, and he rarely puts himself in bad situations on the floor where he's trying to do things he can't just yet. Buy your stock in him now because it will be much higher soon.

Josh Clark 2029Clark was one of the best players in his division. His play can shift momentum. He is so energetic on the floor he’ll make you tired just watching him. He has more than one speed, but they all look fast. He crashed the boards well; he attacks the basket with bad intentions he shot with confidence and put his athleticism on full display in transition. Clark is a big play hunter and if executes one of those plays, he gives his team a lot of energy.

End Part 2

Antrell Johnson 2028Johnson showed out in live games. He is fast and quick. He has a handle that will get him anywhere on the court. He has great footwork and can put together multiple combo moves, making it a nightmare to stay in front of him. He finishes around the rim and through contact. His pull up middy off either foot always gives him something to fall back on if he can’t get all the way to the rim. He passes to open teammates cutting hard. Occasionally he pulled up from range but that was just to show he could. We look for Johnson to start solidifying himself as one of the best players in his class as his stock is certainly on the rise.

Stephen Morrison 2028Morrison is strong. He plays with his own rhythm and pace which makes it hard for defenders to effectively guard him. Morrison shot the ball well from the perimeter. He hunted body contact around the rim to finish layups. The man was a rebounding machine and even though he was able to score just about every possession he was dropping dimes left and right to keep his teammates engaged. Morrison has an effective handle that allows him to get to his spot. He was certainly one of the most complete offensive players in his class at the showcase.

Keyon Berkely 2028Berkely is a small athletic guard who uses his lateral quickness, downhill speed, and quick twitch ability to get to his spots on offense. He is best on offense in transition. He makes good passes. He plays defense in the open court like a free safety. He reads and reacts shooting the gaps in the passing lane. As he gets physically stronger and his shooting range improves, he has potential to be a tuff playmaking 2-way lead guard.

Jeremiah Brown 2027Brown was one of the most complete players in his class at the guard position. He is a legitimate 2-way player right now. Defensively he will not back down from a challenge. He is a great on ball defender and he navigates screens very well making pick n roll sets against him difficult. He rebounds very well from the guard position. Offensively he is capable of being a lead guard, but he naturally wants to score. He has nice set shot and he drives so hard to the rim not many any his class are willing to take the punishment to stay in front of him. We look for Brown to solidify himself as one of the best players in his class in the coming months.

Tysen Jefferson 2027Jefferson controlled the tempo for his squad on day one. His IQ allows him to shine he took what the defense gave him. He played well on offense navigating high screens and using multiple changes of pace to get to the rim or get into great mid-range looks of speed stops. He can turn the corner on his defender quick and he attacks his layup. He gets up quickly and he finishes quickly when he goes to the rim making it difficult for the help side defense to contest his layups. He has a nice handle and a descent float game.

Tomi Akingboye 2028Akingboye is a nice young energetic big man. He is work in progress, but he has a lot of upside right now. He runs the floor well with hands up for his guards to make easy passes. When he catches the ball in traffic, he is patient and willing to use pump fakes, step throughs, and pivots to get up clean looks at the rim. He is willing to space the floor taking shots along the baseline and even as far out as the three-point corner. Akingboye is looking to turn into a stretch big which is evident with his current playing style.

Juan Colon Jr. 2027Colon jr. Has a defensive presence that is hard to overlook. He is a disciplined defender. He gets in great position both on and off the ball. He rarely gets beat on defense because he takes great angles, opens his hips well and does not do much reaching. He is the kid that is willing to pick up the best perimeter player and apply ball pressure 84 feet. Colon Jr. offensive game isn’t as good as his defense, but the man will hit open shots and he makes all the layups he should, which makes him a guy most coaches would always want on the floor.

Nuri Hakim 2026Hakim is a long lanky guard who does a little bit of everything during the game. He was a consistent scoring punch from all 3-levels. He has a smooth offensive game. He plays with minimal set up dribbles and he typically attacked the gaps out of a push cross and long strides to get to the front of the rim. He has a descent layup package and is one of the few kids we saw using floaters on a regular basis. Hakim has some athleticism too and can play around the rim.

Cooper Peat 2026The athletic lefty looked good all weekend. Peat came out and competed. He showed off his bounce every chance he got. He also knocked down perimeter jump shots. Peat is a player who can realistically be effective at the 2 or the 3 depending on personnel. He hustles to lose balls and rebounds well, to create second chance opportunities. He is a willing passer but also wants to be aggressive looking for his own scoring chances. Keep this kid on your radar.

Izaiah Lewis Thompson 2026Thompson is an active big who hustles hard on both ends of the floor. His length makes him a problem on both sides of the ball. He can defend the rim especially from the help side. He alters shot attempts without blocking them. Thompson does a good job of keeping his hands ready for drop of passes in and around the short corner and low block for his teammates, when they are penetrating. He can deliver highlight dunks when he gets out and runs the break. In the post he is solid from the left block, finishing with his right hand going back to the middle or getting to a little jump hook.

End Part 3

Kyroe Jordan 2027Jordan is a shifty guard able to penetrate and get to the basket against elite big-body defenders. He is a true point guard who drives with his head up and makes amazing passes. He keeps his teammates involved and rewards them for being active. Jordan has a sneaky jump shot and good range.

Emmanuel Davis 2024Davis could be looked at as a member of “Big Guard University,” but most would probably consider him a facilitating forward. He has deceptive size and shiftiness. He can keep the ball on the string while using his body to knock defenders off balance. Davis finishes well at the basket but rewards teammates with high-level court vision and passing. Davis doesn't settle for jump shots. He understands offensive efficiency. Defensively at the high school level, he should have no problem guarding 3-5.

Justice Phillips 2026Phillips was one of the biggest bright spots in his class. He demanded the ball and respect from his teammates and opponents. Philips does everything for his team at a high level. He scores at the basket with ease and has a jump shot that defenders must respect from the perimeter. He protects the basket as a defender and rebounds. He doesn't need a guard to start the break. He pushes the ball with his head up and is willing to make advance passes then sprint the floor. Phillips was one of the best Big Men in the building at the showcase.

Isaiah Allen 2026Allen is a big guard. He handles the ball very well! He can get to his spots and score from every level. He is a lengthy defender with good footwork which allows him to recover when he gambles or gets beat. He has some sneaky athleticism and goes up to get rebounds. He controls the court well as a vocal leader on both ends.

Kenyon Boswell 2025Boswell has a body to go along with his game. He can hit the three as well as play around the rim. Defensively his athleticism and length allow him to contest under control, and he covers up his teammate’s mistakes. Offensively He sprints the floor and has soft hands. He can receive passes and get right into attacking the basket. He cleans up misses with offensive rebounds and putbacks.

Jermaine Jenkins 2028Jenkins is a guard capable of doing everything. He makes every player on his team valuable by getting them involved and keeping them moving to the right spot to be effective. No defender could stay in front of him, at the showcase. When help did rotate, he made the correct, on-time pass to open teammates. Jenkins never got too high or too low when he was on the court. He finished with both hands. His jump shot looked good. Jenkins read screens well. He played defense in the lanes and on the ball at a high level. He was a clear-cut standout in a very talented class. We look for Jenkins to rise the ranking boards this season.

Jayden McCants-Thomas 2028McCants-Thomas is an athletic forward with the heart of a lion. He plays with intensity and a drive to showcase his talents. The ball seems to find him. He gets a lot of easy buckets from offensive boards and rebounding. He attacks well downhill from the wing and finishes over and around defenders with ease.

Micah Sanders 2024Sanders has elite athleticism he plays above the rim on both sides of the ball. Offensively he is a threat to dunk whenever he has a head of steam or catches 8 feet and in. He is agile and navigates around defenders well to find open space. He has outstanding hands. He isn’t afraid to bump into bodies and crash the boards, and he doesn’t just box out he finishes possessions by going up to get the ball on rebounds. He is an elite rim protector who is willing to get to angles and cut off the ball handler’s path. He is adept at contesting shots without fouling. There is no way this young man shouldn’t already be in your scouting report. We look for him to have a big senior season to finish his prep career.

Axel Acevedo 2025At first glance Acevedo size is eye-catching. He uses his size to his advantage and is great at taking up space and creating opportunities for himself as well as his teammates. He sets solid screens that force the switch and has perfected the pin-down and spin seal to receive the pass to score. He plays below the rim primarily but can use his body and fundamentals to get a bucket or clear rebounds. You can still see Acevedo’s game is developing, he's working on a mid-range jumper and stretching the court. As his game continues to improve along with his size, Acevedo could be one of the better prospects in the class of 2025.

Aden Gambino 2029Gambino is a tweener who can play spots 2 through 5 right now at his current age. He's a willing passer and can score when necessary. He shoots well off the catch. He consistently knocked down shots at the showcase. He used his body well and was willing to bang down low for rebounds to get easy putbacks. Gambino showed the ability to score at all three levels. Gambino plays the game the right way, and his playing style will make him a valuable piece for any squad.

End Part 4

Charles Davis Jr 2026Davis is a dynamic perimeter defender. He has a sturdy, strong frame. He is difficult to get around because he has great footwork and a low base. Multiple dribble combos don’t work well because he has strong hands, and he rarely gambles. Like with any good defender, his defense sets up his offense. Davis got more than his share of open court steals that turned into easy layups for him or his backcourt running mate.

Tristan Whritenour 2031Whritenour plays with a lot of joy. He is a man determined to get buckets. His natural playing style is a shot creator. However, his first goal is to try and create an opportunity at the rim, the secondary goal is to get a jump shot if his path to the basket is taken away or the defense is already set. Whritenour is a willing defender on the other end of the floor. When he gets rebounds, he looks to push and looks for early offense.

Lyfe Wroten 2031Wroten was one of the best players in his division at the showcase. Wroten can do everything on the court. He also has good size to go with his skill set which makes him a dominant 2-way playmaker right now. He scores at a proficient clip at the rim and in the mid-range. One of his biggest assets right now is he can legitimately guard 1-5. Wroten is ready to break out, and we look for him to solidify himself as one of the best players in his class.

Elijah Davila 2026Davila looks like a playmaking slasher. Davila came to the showcase and played basketball. The lefty didn’t hunt shots. He didn’t hunt highlights. He made great passes. He took and made open jump shots. He finished well around the rim. He was effective all weekend while still showing that most importantly he knows how to play the game the correct way.

Gregory Samuels 2026Samuels is a strong, big body guard. He uses his body very well to get to his spots on the court. Samuels is a guy who can score but he is also a guy who can facilitate. He can also finish well through contact. He can really carve you up in the md-range. Defensively he can punish smaller guards with his size and strength. He is good at forcing the ball handler into his defensive help to create turnovers and easy scoring opportunities for his team.

Zaharie Williams 2031Williams is a walking double double. He is a big kid who carves out space under the rim and goes to work on both sides of the floor. He consistently got his team tuff buckets through contact and easy buckets on putbacks. He understands how to use his body to get into rebounding position and he tracks the ball well in flight.

Andre Willis 2026Willis is a quick guard that reads the defense well. He can get into the paint and score around the basket, but he also has a nice drive and drop off game and utilizes his Bigs well. Willis can also drive and kick to his perimeter shooters, if you stop his penetration early. He knows how to get the ball to the open man for the best shot. Willis has a nice perimeter jumper himself and has some sneaky athleticism.

Jah’zir Mitchell 2031Mitchell had the ball on a string all weekend. He is an offensive minded guard that took a lot of contact on his way to willing his team to success. He is shifty and creates on his way to his spots. He doesn't settle and he’s capable of making the open pass to his teammates, but he often looks to score first. Mitchell finishes well at the basket and has a nice floater package.

Treston Woody Jones 2028Jones is a solid lead guard who plays both sides of the ball. Jones has an athletic build and is a shifty ball handler that attacks the rim on offense, both with the ball looking to finish, and without the ball looking to clean up teammates' misses. Jones showed he is capable of being a catch and shoot guy on the perimeter. He showed he can play defense when he is engaged on that side of the ball.

Aiden Haugabrook 2029Haugabrook shined on the offensive end. He is a legitimate 3-level scoring guard. He can play on or off the ball. He showed he can take and make tuff shots. He finishes at the rim with both hands. He uses floaters and push shots in the mid-range, and he can knock down shots from the perimeter both on the catch and off the dribble.

End Part 5

Honorable Mention

There was a ton of talent in the building for the 2023 Get Buckets Individual Rank-Up Showcase. Below are a few of the players who deserve an honorable mention for their play. Keep an eye out for them as they navigate their journeys.

Honorable Mention

Elijah Wimley 2028 –Wimley is a High IQ dynamic scorer who is capable of torching defenders from the perimeter. He is highly skilled at shooting off the dribble, and at his core is a shot creator who can pass when needed.

Christian Callier 2031 –Callier is a smooth all-around player that can be used as a Swiss army knife. Whatever role a coach needs him to fill position 1-5 offensively or defensively right now at this age he can do it.

Jacobi Davis 2028 –Davis is a high energy guy that is going to clean up the boards and actively seek out scoring opportunities in and around the paint. He is a guy who can be productive who you never have to run a play for.

Cedric Jackson 2029 –Jackson is a small compact shooting guard who uses ball fakes well and knocks down open jump shots. He can take advantage of undisciplined defenders with poor closeouts, Capable of putting the ball on the ground and getting to the basket when defense closes out undisciplined.

Charles Minton Jr 2030 –Minton is a young 2-way guard who showed the ability to play both sides at a high level. A willing passer who plays the game the right way but can also take over a game from a scoring perspective at all 3 levels.

Trajan Henson 2028 –Henson is a sharpshooting guard that can stretch out a defense and provide consistent scoring from the perimeter. He relocates and moves without the ball well, to catch the defense out of position or in rotation where he can get open shots.

Elijah Ventura 2028 –Ventura is a kid that will make winning plays. He is a role filler, and he is good at it. Whatever the team lacks he slides too. In some games he scored, in others he defended, and in others he assisted. Ventura can do whatever it takes to win.

Lebrahn Telfare 2031 –Telfare is young, but the potential and the skill set are there. He plays like a slasher from the guard position. He competed at a high level. He plays bigger than he is. He has a good handle and consistently finishes around the rim.

Christian Kendrick 2025 –Kendrick was one of the most athletic kids in the building. Kendrick is a slashing wing that every coach wants. He can jump out of the gym. He has good size, he is fast, runs the floor very well, and he dunks everything.

Craig Thomas Jr 2026 –Thomas is a very athletic forward who runs the floor well. He can be an above the rim threat. He is a good rim protector even when he doesn’t block shots, he is good at altering shots.

Josiah Reid 2028 –Young Developing Athletic big with a ton of upside. He can jump out of the gym. He rebounds at a high level and uses his body well around the rim to finish. Plays with a lot of energy.