We stopped by the Future 150 showcase (The 150) in November, held at Carrollwood Day School in Tampa, Fl. The 150 was a boy's middle school-only showcase. The 150 had some talented players from around the Tampa Bay Area.

We found some of the players we saw earlier in the showcase season. Players like Micheal Trae Sams III, & Jeremiah Brown continued to dominate and showed substantial improvement from the last time we saw them in August.

Both Sams and Brown have been running a national individual showcase season and their progression from that run is evident. Sams has improved his game considerably finishing at the basket. Brown has worked hard on his body and his handles and can legitimately impact the game from 4 positions offensively and defensively. 

We were introduced to some more up and comers: 


Jaiden Martin 2028 has an aggressive style of play. He is a good shifty ball handler who constantly puts pressure on defenders and helps defenders with his ability to attack the rim. He is confident and will try things that other players his age wouldn't.  

George Daniels 2026 has a scorers mentality in an athletic slashing package. He was definitely one of the top 5 best players in the gym on that day. He is high energy with active hands and great anticipation with a good feel for the game. He impacts both sides of the court. His best attribute was that he never let off the gas rather he was going against another good opponent or to his credit a lesser one. 

Brandon Perkins 2026 is a snipper. He hit shot after shot. His form is slightly unorthodox but highly effective. He was the best catch-and-shoot player we saw at that event. He shoots the ball in rhythm and has a good feel for moving along with the play to find open spots on the floor. He was a great floor spacer and lurking around the perimeter really opened up driving lanes for other players on his team. 

Damien Ross 2028 has a lockdown mentality and is the type of fiesty player every coach wants at least one of on their team. Ross has no back down in him and was willing to take on the best player across from him every time he stepped on the court. 

Peyton Vega 2027 is a do it all guy. He has a score-first mentality but is a capable playmaker on the break especially if he has faith in the player running with him. He takes and makes some tuff layups and is also a sound defender.

Jadin Vega 2027 has a dog never back down mentality. He plays with a ton of intensity. He has tunnel vision when he makes up his mind to attack the basket. Whether he wins or loses the possession, he is going to keep coming right back at you.