Combine 2021 Standout Player Write-ups


Combine Standouts 2026 to 2028

Carlos Domenech 2026
Domenech stood out in both drills and games. he was dominant on both sides of the court. He reads the ball exceptionally on the defensive end, playing on ball and passing lane defense at a top tier level. Has to be respected on defense and can shut down an assignment man to man. Domenech can play off ball, but you WANT the ball in his hands. He is capable of getting to his spots every possession but is an elite passer. Not only willing to pass but able to make the proper pass before getting himself in a situation where he has to pass. He can also shoot it. If you find a PG, He can slide to the SG spot and still get his numbers. Hard hat guy, won't complain but every drill came to show and prove. No antics or words needed, he just put in work. 

Jeremiah Brown 2027
Brown came out and was assertive on both ends of the court, establishing he was one of the best players in the middle school class. He plays basketball, not a position. His game is multi-faceted. He has guard skills and can be a secondary ball handler. Brown has a decent perimeter shot, and a good floater package. Where he is unique is his ability to board and push. He repeatedly was the break starter and makes pretty good advance passes to streaking teammate’s; but because he has a handle, he can also go coast to coast and finish at the rim with either hand. He is not a big, but can bang down low and gets a lot of rebounds. He uses his body well to shield off defenders, which results in his fair share of putbacks. His on-ball defense is a bit spotty, but his off-ball help defense and ball hawking are great for his age.

Michael (Trae) Sams III 2028
Sams has the ball on a string! Couple that with an explosive first step and confidence to take every shot given space. The young man showed to be one of the DOGS in his class. A player every coach wants to coach and hates to coach against. Sams is difficult to stay in front of on defense, and he is hard to go around on offense. He has amazing footwork and is very strong with the ball. He also showed the ability to turn it on when needed and has a never back down attitude.

Jaylan Erby 2026
Erby is extremely athletic for his age and size. Right now his game is solely predicated on being the most athletic player on the court. He must work on his ball handling and shooting. However, he caught multiple alleys and was able to consistently get to the rim and finish. He can contest shots and grabs rebounds with strong hands and is able to clear out space. Erby is strong/physical enough to defend in the post and agile enough to guard bigger guards and wings.

Juan (Macho) Colon 2027
Macho is the player every team wants to play with and every team hates to play against. . Very raw but willing to ask questions to understand and goes and gives 100% toward whatever he is being asked to do. His offense needs some work but his defense has the potential to evolve into Elite. Macho is the kid that hates to be scored on and focuses his energy on the defensive end and boards. Strong, solid body defender. Absorbs contact , cuts off angles, contest shoots with verticality. Macho plays with active hands in passing lane, and as an on-ball defender.

Kevin Foster Jr 2027
Foster is a strong, physical guard with a polished mid-range game. He can get into the frame of defenders and rise up from the mid-range to the basket. He understands how to get to his spots and uses easy set up dribbles to get there when he wants to take a shot. He passes the ball well and doesn't over dribble. Although Foster is a smaller guard, it doesn’t limit him from guarding his position on the other end. He moves exceptional well laterally and cut off defenders with great footwork and taking proper angles

Isiah Owes 2027
Owes showed up to get noticed. He is a perfectionist that wants to be great in every drill, every play, every game. He was at the top of his class in the combine shooting drills. He is a gifted shooter in both the mid-range and from the 3-point line. He is smart and understands how to work his way into open space around the perimeter. His game is very perimeter oriented, but he can get all the way to the basket when he makes his mind up to go. He has good footwork, and a respectable handle.

Antwon Brown 2027
Brown is a gifted athlete. He is fast, he is quick, he is shifty, he can jump, and he has a high motor. He is a dynamic 2-way player. Offensively he is a downhill playmaker. He gets to the bucket and can finish with either hand. He is deadly in the open court. He attacks the retreating defender the whole way so they can’t get position and he is a very willing passer. In half court settings he is great at getting into the paint. He will shoot when he is open or feels like his team really needs a bucket. Defensively he is active on ball and off. Brown is a pest with quick hands. He anticipates well and his defense is the main catalyst to his offense.

Jayden Ortega 2028
Ortega displayed a level of confidence and swagger that is beyond his age. He doesn't settle and knows where he is most effective. He showed exceptional ball handling for his age and size. Ortega was able to absorb contact and still maintain his dribble. His floater and mid-range jumper are polished and look fluid. He has great footwork on both ends and shows the desire to be a pest on the defensive end. Ortega was willing to take on the difficult assignment and challenge himself.

Kavion Brown 2028
Brown is a combo guard that has a chip on his shoulder that is bigger than he is. He isn’t going to back down from anyone. He has incredible feet, elite lateral quickness, and overall a phenomenal athlete. Not surprising that at his age, and given his DOG MENATLITY, his defense is ahead of his offense. He can guard 1-3 and lock down his matchup. Offensively he has a descent handle, he can finish at the rim with either hand with basic layups. He seeks out contact when going to the basket. He isn’t a shooter but is not afraid to take the open shot.

Kai Brookins 2026
Brookins is a ball dominant, scoring point guard. He can go get you a bucket if the offense breaks down. He is solid pick & roll point guard. He uses and reads screens very well. He gets to the mid-range for pull up jump shots and floaters which is where his offense shines and he is most effective. Brookins settled for a few bad shot attempts because he was finding himself over dribbling looking for assist, that didn’t materialize. Still Brookins is an elite passer for his age. He can make every pass on the court, and with the right personnel his skill set can be the key to unlocking an offense.

Trey Fitzgerald 2028
Fitzgerald is a scrapping forward. He currently uses his height and size to get to his spots on offense and grab boards and look for scoring opportunities. He scraps on defense. He doesn't dribble the ball very well and right now he is s a north and south guy. Fitzgerald KNOWS what he can do and doesn't settle. One of his best assets is that he continues to play hard even in frustrating situations or sequences that do not go his way.

Jaden McCoy 2026
McCoy was one of the most polished players in his class at the Combine. He is a finesse guy that handles the ball well and can get into defenders to create space. Shoots at a high level off the dribble, handles the ball well for his size and frame and has a consistent jump shot from mid-range and beyond. McCoy Finishes well with both hands at the rim. He can also rebound and start the break from the small forward spot. Jaden is a glue guy that silently goes to work and lets his production do the talking. He will need to improve his effort and angles on the defensive end, as well as making better passes to continue to develop into what he has potential to become.

Colin Androff 2026
Androff has good size for his age. He has a great feel for the game and good IQ. Androff is a solid finisher around the rim, with decent footwork and decent hands. He shoots well from the short corner, but you can tell he is trying to expand his range out to the 3-point line. He plays sound defense and doesn’t really gamble. So, he is usually always in the right position, and he is good help side defender. He does a good job of only contesting shots with high hands.

Combine Standouts 2025

Isaac Redding 2025
Redding came out to show and prove. Everything he put his energy into, he excelled. The most polished player in the 2025 class, Redding put on a show. Ball handling, passing, on-ball defense, help defense, transition defense, shot contest, rebounding, tempo, shot selection, range, an in between game, fishing at the rim with both hands, strength, finesse, on court IQ. Isaac checked off all the boxes. And still showed a sense of appreciation for the opportunity and not entitlement as if basketball owed him something. A kid the others flocked to and wanted to be a part of his team.

Peter Jackson 2025
Jackson is an all-purpose wing. He has an incredible feel for the game and plays with a ton of joy. Offensively he is at his best in transition where he can attack the defense with a head of steam. He is a euro step aficionado, and very creative with his finishes around the rim. Jackson is highly effective at making heavily contested layups. He is a great passer and does a good job of creating angles to get teammates open. Defensively he plays the passing lanes well and anticipates where the ball will be. Occasionally he may get beat because he over pursues but he will try to make up for any blown assignments with hustle and effort. When challenged he will get down and sit in the chair to lockdown his matchup. He also rebounds well especially on the defensive end.

Brodey Cuffle 2025
Cuffle came to combine and put in work! He was clearly the best traditional big in the class of 2025. His game is polished and should only improve with time. Cuffle is a consistent finisher around the basket. He has good size and good hands. His best asset however is his abilities in the midrange. He hits mid-range jumpers at a high rate and uses good foot work to attack the basket off one dribble. His size makes him an easy target for entry passes and he secures the ball well. He is also good at making passes to open teammates when he draws multiple defenders.

Gary Nevarez 2025
Hands down the best true point guard in his class on this day. Stayed composed in every drill, demanded the ball from his Bigs on boards, got back on the break, made the proper pass (chest, bounce, entry, skip) in transition and half court sets. Handle was elite, tempo and command of the flow of the offense exceptional. Explosive first step and showed he had a counter move for every angle a defender may appear to try and cut off. Doesn't over dribble and is one of the rare kids with a "in between" game.

Ian Kyler 2025
Kyler is a sniper and he knows it. Has a motor that allows him to constantly and consistently flow into spaces to get his shot up. And after seeing him play it's more shocking to see him miss them make a shot when he is in the flow of the game. Can also shoot it off a dribble used to create space. Has a shooters IQ, using off-ball screens, floor spacing, on-ball screens, give and go passes, pick and pop etc to get open. And when Ian receives the ball, feet are always in place, squared to the basket, to be ready to take a comfort shot within the flow of the offense.

Eric Daily 2025
When engaged Daily can get to his spots and get a bucket. He Doesn't settle for three-point shots but is able to hit them in the flow of the game. Reads the passing lanes well and can finish thru contact. Effective with limited space off limited dribbles.

Jamarius Edler 2025
Off the court intangibles!!! Jamarius showed a rare appreciation for the game of basketball which translates to his approach to EVERY moment he was on the court. Drills to game play, 100% went into every moment he was on the court. The type of kid every coach wants to be a member of the squad. With all that, the kid is STILL a DOG! Goes out and competes every time! Is able to showcase both explosive athleticism AND finesse. Amazing footwork and moves around the court effortlessly. Doesn't over dribble and plays with a selflessness not to many players with his ability to impact the game do. Understands floor spacing and when to cut. Great verticality on shot contest. Is willing to learn and attempt to do things outside of his comfort zone and embraces a challenge.

Cezanne Mosley 2025
Mosley is a leader on the court. He lets his leadership speak thru his play. He is capable of scrapping for a contested rebound, starting or facilitating the break. Plays well within his body and size. Able to display adequate handle to get to his spots and be effective. Willing shooter but doesn't settle when shot isn't falling. Finishes consistently around the rim and on put back attempts. If he can continue to improve his range; he can be more dynamic. Mosley’s handle is decent but can improve to make him more effective against quicker, equal sized defenders.

Jordy Canada 2025
Canada is a quintessential whatever you need me to do guy. He isn’t great at one thing, but good at everything. If you need him to be a primary ball handler, he is capable, but he is probably most efficient as the off-ball guard, or even on the wing making timely cuts. He can score at all 3 levels, and he lets his matchup dictate his approach. He has descent on ball defense, and he uses his body well to rebound, and to shield off defenders when he goes to the basket. Canada is crafty passer and an overall good teammate.

Gabriel Scott 2025
Scott is a hustle player. He is not very polished but what stood out for him was his willingness to run thru a wall for his teammates. While he is on the court, he is giving 100% sometimes to a fault. He must work on all three levels on the offensive end but plays with a level of confidence in his ability that gets him opportunity. Scott cuts and moves well without the ball, which leads to most of his scoring opportunities at the basket. He is not a highflyer but finds himself in good rebounding position because of his fundamentals and effort


Combine Standouts 2024 to 2022

Fahbian Grace 2023
Grace was the most polished point guard at the Combine. He can literally create great scoring opportunities for his self whenever he wants it. His stroke from the three-point line is effortless. He is not streaky, but consistent from the outside. His ability to knock down shots from deep forces the defense to respect his jumper, which makes it easy for him to get into the paint with simple dribble moves. His dribble drive game is complemented with a nice floater package and simple layup finishes. Although Grace could easily just be a scoring machine, he seemingly has already learned how to keep his teammates involved with his playmaking ability in transition and in half court settings with nice easy to catch drop off passes.

Ethan Jackson 2022
Jackson is a new age big. He is dynamic in the dunkers spot but can also space the floor with a smooth jump shot. The man can flat out jump. On the break he is a lob threat and as a help side defender he will get his fair share of big blocks. His ability to make big to big passes is outstanding. He is a problem for the defense whenever he gets the ball in the high post, he takes whatever the defense gives him and is unafraid to make a bounce or lob pass to the other big in the dunkers spot. Jackson athletic ability and aesthetic attributes will translate at the next level.

Johnathan Moore 2023
Moore had more dunks during the combine than anyone else. However, he is the definition of a stretch big. He a has a nice shooting stroke and decent range. He can easily play with another big and keep proper floor spacing. Moore is good at reading how to take advantage of his matchup. He camped out in the dunkers spot and based on who was guarding him he went to the basket to finished over the top at the rim or sneaked out the corner three and made the big pay for not coming out. Moore is already very long if he adds a little more mass in the coming months, he can be quite the commodity at the next level.

Dwight Clemons III 2023
Clemons is an athlete, and he undoubtedly was one of the best ones in the building. The man can jump, and he takes every opportunity he can to show you. Clemons is a hybrid he is not a big, but he has a half spin and turn around package in the mid-post. He’s not a guard but he has a descent handle and puts up good looking shots from the perimeter especially at the top of the key or the wings. He showed off an athletic sophisticated finishing package around the rim. Defensively he can do more given his God given attributes, but he settles for trying to block shots, which when he does are usually eye catching.

Anthony Martinez 2023
Martinez was impressive during competitive drills, combine shooting stations, and during games. Martinez is posed and workman like on the court, his emotions are even keel. He is a sniper with a beautiful jump shot, especially in catch and shoot situations. He is the player you want on the wing in catch and shoot situations. Even though he knocks down shots from the perimeter, he also uses pump fakes well, to get defenders off balance to attack the basket. He has some sneaky hops and surprises a few defenders rising on them and finishing with dunks.

Damian Jones 2023
Solid Combo Guard who stood out all day. He performed well in the competitive drills. He posted great times in speed-related drills and displayed his shiftiness with and without the ball all day. He performed well in games. He saw the court well when he was the primary ball-handler, hitting teammates in stride for easy buckets and open shots. When he played off the ball, he was able to create space and knock down shots around the perimeter.

Tyrese Walker 2022
Walker is a natural leader. He doesn't have to be asked to lead. He embraces the roll and is one of the rare kids that others rally around. Walker is an extension of the coach on the floor and will make sure to be the supporting voice and influencer. He has an extensive offensive toolbox. He understands how to set the tempo, and within that he has his on change of pace game. Walker has an explosive downhill first step. He has a nice smooth dribble pull up and makes the correct pass to his teammates in the right spots. Walker "KNOWS his personnel!" Footwork good enough to sit down and guard the guard spot, and he is willing to go to the paint and bang on the boards!

Nate Murray 2023
Murray is a deadly shooter with space. Murray was one of the best shooters at the Combine. He can knock down a shot from every level on a catch or a pump fake and dribble. Murray has extended range a few feet beyond the 3-point line. Even from deep range he still shoots it with ease. Murray moves around well without the ball to get into spaces and his spots to be effective. Nate has an exceptional basketball IQ and footwork.

Caden Bergantino 2023
Bergantino is at his best as a slasher first and a shooter second. He isn’t fast, but he is determined. When he puts the ball on the ground his first step is quick, and his strides are long, and he can get to the front of the rim with ease. He showed that he can finish well with both hands. If he is unable to get around his defender when he puts his head down and decides to go, he can get into a descent pull up jumper off the dribble and still create a decent look. Bergantino can also shoot from the perimeter and knock down open looks and can be used as floor spacer.

Elijah Dawson 2023
Dawson is an around the rim threat. He’s the type of player that allows you to play over the top of a defense above the rim. I do not believe I seen him shoot the ball once. But in his defense, he understands he is hard to be denied around the rim. Dawson is a lob threat and with the right point guard he catches his fair share. He is a beast on the offensive glass and works hard to get putback points, with good footwork around the basket to get layups or just jumping of vertical to finish with a dunk. If Dawson puts the ball on the ground and has a step on his defender he is going to try to dunk, and he is not dissuaded by someone else trying to jump with him.

Isaiah Foreman 2022
Foreman is an impact player on both sides of the court. He was one of the best players at the combine. Foreman performed well in competitive warm up, Combine drills, and in games. He is a combo guard who can score in bunches, defend at an elite level, and be your primary playmaker. Foreman is compact, strong, and fast. His hands are quick his first step is quick. He can score in a variety of ways at the rim. He has a solid perimeter jumper. Defensively he cuts of ball handlers angles quick. He is a pick pocket; he anticipates when a ball handler is going to crossover and pokes it loose. As a primary ball handler, he makes great decisions. He makes the easy pass, and he moves well without the ball even when waiting for the swing back.

Michael Bell 2024
Bell is guard that does most of his damage in the midrange and around the basket. He is physically strong. His handle is very basic but powerful. He uses body well to get to his spots on the floor. Rather it is his own shot, or someone else’s Bell tracks the ball well in flight. He rebounds at an extremely high rate for a guard. He also has a quick second jump, and when the rebound is tipped and requires more effort to coral, he usually comes down with it. Bell has a good IQ and great feel for the game.

Lucean Milligan 2024
Milligan is a guy with a tool chest, not a toolbox of offensive skills. He is point guard. However, he is probably best served as an individual, and as a teammate as the off guard. When he is the primary ball handler, he tends to over dribble a bit, because he has a scorer’s mentality, and looks for teammates once he is out of options. But of the ball catching in space this young man’s offensive game is unleashed. When he catches the ball on the move with defense already shifted and not set. He can do it all. Floaters, runners, pull ups, step backs, side steps, up and under, spins, you name it he has it. Milligan has a beautiful set shot and shoots it at a good clip from the 3-point line.

Devin Hayes 2023
Hayes is guy that can do everything when he is engaged. The main thing is staying engaged. He was not noticeable in competitive drills. However, in combine drills he locked in and competed hard trying to be the best in his group in every event. In games he was one of the best players on his team on both sides of the court. He can score in bunches. His mid-range game is nasty. His spin moves to attack the basket are powerful. He seeks out contact and can still finish contested layups. Defensively he can sit down and move his feet. For a guard that is only 5’10” he can block shots. He exhibited leadership qualities and was a good teammate.

Jasper Canada 2023
Canada is a compact guard with a high basketball IQ. Canada is not a scoring machine, but a scoring opportunist. If you give him to many opportunities, he can get hot and score in bunches. He looks to be a traditional past first point guard, but when things break down or his team needs a bucket he can get into his bag. He has a solid perimeter jump shot, and a descent in between game. Canada uses his hesitation dribble well to set up his shot and his drives. He also uses his eyes well to mis-direct defenders to get to his shot or to make passes. Canada has limitations on defense, but his willing to lay with his chest and slide his feet.

David Vazquez-Rivera 2022
Rivera is a traditional point guard. He communicates well with his teammates’. He understands spacing and he tries to get his teammates into the right positions. He makes great entry passes, and he also utilizes skip pass well from the wings and along the baseline to get the defense to shift so his teammates driving and cutting lanes open-up. He is not a great shooter. However, he takes good shots when required, to keep the defense honest. Offensively he is a good decision maker on the break and he can finish around the rim.

Kyan Gonzalez 2022
Gonzalez is an undersized point guard. Even though he is on the shorter side, he does have some skill sets that he uses to his advantage. He is good at reading and reacting to screens. He was one of the few guards that could consistently split the pick & roll. He can also shoot, and he has some descent range. He makes good pocket passes and is unafraid to make tuff passes to back door cutters. Gonzalez is a serviceable on ball defender. However, defensively he is better off ball. He reads the passing lanes well, and he also knows how to stunt and drop back into the passing lane to get steals.