Jeremiah Cooper 2026 Player to Watch

Jeremiah Cooper - Guard 2026 

Safety Harbor Middle School / Hard 2 Guard Select 2026

Cooper is a guard that can do it all. He is a playmaker first and foremost, but he also has a scorer's mentality. Offensively he sees the court well.  He can see plays developing and passing lanes opening up, much like a quarterback he can pass his teammates open for easy looks at the basket. When he is handling the ball, he plays with great pace, not only shifting between speeds but also varying his height and angles of attack. 

His finishing skills around the basket aren't exactly flashy but they catch your eye because of his ability to make it look easy. He shoots the ball with poise. He understands good shot selection, rarely deviates from it, and he has the ability to knock down the three if you leave him open around the line. 

Defensively he makes good read. He limits gambling and getting out of position. He is a solid perimeter defender.  He rebounds well for his position.  

During his middle school season with Safety Harbor; Cooper set a new school record for point in a single game scoring 42. He is slated to attend Eastlake High School in August 2022. Eastlake has had a ton of talent in the last few years, and it appears the rich will get richer with the arrival of Cooper. 

We hope to have Cooper at our National Individual Showcase August 6th & 7th in Winter Haven Fl to compete against the best young players in the state and the country. Keep your eyes out for him and catch his highlights in the link below. Stay Tune for our next player to watch Issaac Redding 2025. As we showcase the talent you haven't heard about but need to know.